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Each of the resources below provide ideas and methods to gain insight into customer experience design challenges and real-world examples of how to smooth or eliminate them. The authors and practitioners behind these resources apply these concepts to nearly every kind of enterprise, and we believe that your organization will benefit by doing so as well.

Good Experience Newsletter by Mark Hurst, founder of Creative Good, provides many wonderful examples of both great and aweful customer experiences, in a brief format. Some will have you laughing out loud and others will make you wince. Here is a particularly notable one in the wince category, about Walmart.

Managing the Customer Experience by Shaun Smith & Joe Wheeler, is a detailed look at companies that deliver customer experiences so distinctive that their customers become advocates. It shows how to re-think your business from the customer's point of view, then design and deliver a customer experience that drives loyalty and profitability.

IDEO Method Card app is a design tool for exploring new approaches. Inspired by playing cards, the four suits—Ask, Watch, Learn, Try—define the types of activities involved in each method. Real-life examples illustrate how each method is applied to a specific project. There are 51 methods and Affinity Diagrams alone makes this app useful.

The Art of Innovation and The Ten Faces Of Innovation. By Tom Kelley at IDEO, these titles highlight IDEO problem-solving methods, how their teams examine products from the perspective of customers and importance of the roles that people play in an organization to foster innovation.