Good design not only conveys the promise of your product or service, but helps to create and realize it.

Darin Sullivan Design is a small design firm in Santa Barbara, California, serving a diverse clientele that includes software and Internet start-ups, local nonprofit organizations, Fortune 500 companies and the US Government.

We collaborate with clients to provide great products and services through a combination of strategic analysis, visual communication, usability, ethnography and common sense.

We apply “Design Thinking” which integrates feeling, intuition, and inspiration with rational and analytical processes to make customer experiences meaningful as well as functional.

Whatever the client challenge, there are usually four modes that we employ during a project—contemporaneously in some cases:

  • Explore, to analyze customer needs, behavior and alignment with objectives.
  • Design, to conceptualize, test and evaluate potential solutions.
  • Implement, to produce the desired solution into its finished form.
  • Refine, to assess and optimize the finished form.

We believe in building products and services that are useful, usable and desirable. If you do as well, tell us about your next project or program—complete our brief consultation request and we'll provide you with our unique perspective.